General Assembly For Taekwondo Instructors

The head instructors and national instructors are going to collaborate this year for the general assembly at Ninoy Aquino Stadium. The programme for the year 2015 will be discussed where the General Assembly for Instructors will take place between Philippines and Smart Communications. Almost 500 heads from all over the world is going to attend as stated by the Chief Executive Officer of PTA and Sung Chon Hong, the Grand Master.

Reports based on the performance of 2014 are going to be discussed and the competitions for the year 2015 are going to be discussed. Among the competitions- Philippine Taekwondo League, South East Asian Games, World Cadet, World Championship and Asian Junior Championship.

The accomplishments of the previous year are going to be discussed. Registration is going to be a one day programme. Performers have always been a part of taekwondo and to help them sponsors have also been credited to a high extent. As far as the year of 2014 is concerned taekwondo has got great results. The academy of taekwondo is based on Thornton Heath. Stephanie Allan is working all the more hard after stepping down from the academy. Her aim is to win more competitions in 2015.

Some others are participating at national level and at the college level to win laurels. The academy is producing more and more performers so that they can realise their potential. The potential is to break the boundary at all levels. They want their performers to do well in 2015. Achievement is what the performers yearn for. The management tries to teach all their students equally well so that the training helps them at all levels. The discussion that is going to take place is for a fruitful year ahead. The instructors are going to be hugely benefitted from the event.