Taekwondo Trainer Works On Student With Intellectual Disability

People often seek their purpose in life and that takes them on unique adventures.

For instance, Johnny L Birch Jr. feels that Taekwondo had come to his rescue at a time when he would have either landed in jail or would have been dead. He then made it his mission to help people gain a similar passion in the sport that he had loved for so long. Among his students he is currently concentrating on a student who has an intellectual disability. Birch Jr. is getting his student to enroll at the 2016 Pan Am Taekwondo championship that would be held in Mexico. His student would be competing along with others who are of Olympic standards. They would be representing US in the Olympics to be held this summer at the Rio.

Birch Jr. comes from Florida originally. He was sent off from the army after he suffered an injury. Since then he has taken up teaching the martial arts in Deland. Initially, he started to teach at the Yellow Breeches Educational Center.

He then decided to open up his own school called Carlisle Taekwondo. He feels that the martial arts helped him find purpose in life. He says that teaching the martial arts is not only for money, but to give back to society what he has obtained from the art. About his student who would be competing at the upcoming championship, he states that he has been training him for nine years now. After he had graduated Birch had him come back as part of INAS which is an international charitable organization for people with intellectual disabilities. He won a gold medal last year and it is hoped that he would be successful this year as well. Birch is hoping that his training will work off and help him get to higher heights of success.