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Aaron Cook IMN Vs Albert Gaun RUS World Taekwondo Grand Prix 2013

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Aaron Dropped from Olympic Taekwondo

Aaron Cook has shockingly been left out of the Olympic Taekwondo event at the Olympic 2012 to be held at London. Lutalo Mohammad will go in his place. However, strangely, the team nomination was being rejected repeatedly although the list has been finalized and approved. According to Cook, “I can see no other reason-my results speak for themselves.”

Cook had dropped out of the GB Taekwondo academy just a year ago in order to train in his own way and create his own support team. He had even built his special gym at the back garden of his parents’ home. At this period, he had won the Olympic Test Event and also the European Championships. He is currently the number one position in the 80 kg category. However, the probable reason behind him being trimmed off from the team maybe because he was not ‘in the GB Academy’ that’s what he says. He even started crying when he got the mail that he was not in the European Olympic Taekwondo team list. It was like a bolt from the blue for him.

The authorities have tried to justify their act by saying that the headshots that Mohammad gives are better than that of Cook’s and this comment has been detested by him as being a ‘joke’. He said that it was wrong to consider just one movement to hurl him out of the Olympic Taekwondo list because there is a lot of other ways to win a game.  His manager has said that that he would probably file a lawsuit against the Academy.

Cook is quite confident that he can surpass Lutalo with his skills because he had already beaten him before in a home match. He feels cheated by the Academy and would go to any length to save his pride.

Interview with Aaron Cook after the finals in the taekwondo european championships 2012

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