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Taekwondo “Finger” Performance in Korea

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Taekwondo became an Olympic Games sport for the first time in 1988 when it was included in the lineup for the Seoul Olympic Games as just a demonstration sport and not as a competitive one. That status did not, however, last long after it was excluded from the lineup of the Games when it went to Atlanta in 1996 but made a quick come back in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games as a full medal sport and since then, Olympic Taekwondo is very much a part of the roster and it will be so in the 2012 London Olympic Games as well.

The weight classes for taekwondo in the Olympic Games are divided into four divisions, both for men and for women. The events that the men compete in range from below 58 Kg to over 80 Kg and as for the women, the range varies from lower than 49 Kg to over 67 Kg. all these events in Olympic Taekwondo have some of the great matches in the history of the Olympic Games in their very short time as an Olympic Sport.

And the news wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if one was told that South Korea leads the medals tally in the Games, having won 12 medals overall, nine of which have been Gold. The United States of America hasn’t had a bad run in the Olympic Taekwondo as well, currently standing at third in the overall medals haul with 6 medals, of which two are Gold.

Over the years, many other nations have also begun competing in the sport but the Koreans proved too powerful for most of them until recently when the Koreans got their hands a bit too full. And that is what promises to make the sport one to watch out for in the Games.  Frankie Edgar is rumoured to be taking part for USA – could get interesting!