The Little Master Of Taekwondo Made Several Hilarious Attempts

If you really think that learning as well as practicing any sort of martial arts needs a serious and proper disciplined environment, then it is all incorrect.

In fact, you won’t believe that this can be so amusing when so much of cuteness is added into it. The small Taekwondo master attained white belt. The name of this little champion is Rohan, who make shouts like hi-yah and beat all the board with his two little hands. His shout making ways are so funny that his attempts are simply ignored. The fact is that while he make no plans while breaking the board because this little boy is lesser known that he need to make use of one leg rather than two and he has to stamp on board instead of kick.

During his first attempt, he jumps to the top and screamed ‘hi-yah’ in a cute and adorable manner. This leads to everyone laugh a lot. As soon as he makes other attempts the response of the audience was same. Some of them even giggle. The audience is so mesmerized with the skills from the little one that they cannot keep away their eyes from him. If keep aside funny side, then he was performing,

Taekwondo, very well known martial arts with complete perfection. Being too small, his reactions and sounds are natural which makes others die out of laughter. The entire credit goes to the trainer who worked so hard with the little boy that he stood so confidently in front of a large number of audiences.